On the Niyodo riverbank:
the hometown of washi.

Ino-cho Paper Museum

110-1 Saiwai-cho 
Agawa-gun Ino-cho, Kochi
781-2103 JAPAN
tel. 088-893-0886 fax. 088-893-0887
mail. mail.

Admission guide

Hours of Operation 9:00 A.M.〜5:00 P.M.
Closed Mondays (or the following Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday), 
and from December 27th to January 4th

Adults: ¥500. 
Students (17 years and under): ¥100. 
(Discounts available for make-your-own paper participants; groups of 10 or more; and visitors to Gallery Copa.)
Persons over 65 years of age: ¥250 (please show proof of age).   
Annual pass: ¥1,500. 
Papermaking Program: ¥400 (2 sheets of colored paper or 8 postcards). 

Transit By JR train: 10 minutes. walk from Ino station
By Tosaden Kotsu tram: 10 minutes. walk from Ino terminus
By Car: 10 minutes. from Ino Interchange of Kochi Expressway via route 33
Parking Free of charge (space for 3 trucks/busses + 50 regular-size cars)