Washi and Calligraphy Paper

Tengujtoshi Ultra-fine Paper 20-Color Set

180mm×270mm / 20 sheets per packages
(Size and color may vary slightly)

Natural-Dyed Momigami Textured Paper

250mm×280mm/10 sheets per package
(size and color may vary slightly)

Rakusuishi “Water Droplet Paper” 20-Color Set

180mm×270mm/20 sheets per package
(size and color may vary slightly)

Tosa Nishiki Paper

250mm×340mm/2,000 sheets per package

Calligraphy Paper Kinpai・Shinchosen・Seikosen

Rough-Edged Business Cards (printer-capable)・Inkjet-capable Washi

Letter Paper

Pressed-Flower Postcards

1 card per package (different flower varieties)

Mini Notepaper

Horizontal Lines 130mm×195mm/20 sheets

Vertical Lines 130mm×195mm/20 sheets

Blank Postcards for Drawing・Handmade Postcards

10 cards per package

Letter Set

Envelopes 90mm × 205mm / 5 per set

Notepaper 182mm × 265mm


Handmade Business Cards

100 cards per box (Materials & techniques vary depending on box)

iroirogami (origami paper)

150mm×150mm/9 patterns, 1 sheet each

Decorative Envelopes

65mm×100mm/set of 5, choose 1 of three patterns

Everyday Items


140mm×140mm/(set of lightbulb & decorative cover)

Paper Sandals

S(22cm)・M(24cm)・L(25cm)plus children’s size

Scent of Sandalwood Toilet Paper

set of six 30m rolls /2-ply (scented)
(comes with decorative box)

Elvila Tissues

210mm×218mm/200 sheets (2-ply, separable)
(with rose design)

Paper Moon Toilet Paper

set of eight 90m rolls/1-ply
(with rose design)
(comes with decorative box)